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Merging of 3 Companies in Indonesia under Outsourcing Inc.(Japan)

As an overseas arm of Outsourcing Inc. (Japan), an Integrated Human Resources Services Provider, and being publicly listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, PT OS Selnajaya Indonesia was established as a result of the merging of 3 Companies in Indonesia namely PT. OS Engineering and Consultant Indonesia (OSEC), PT. OS Service Indonesia (OSSI) and PT. Selnajaya Prima (Selnajaya).

Renowned for its’contributions and achievement for the last 2 decades in Indonesia, PT. Selnajaya Prima (Selnajaya), provides local, regional and global Corporations with Recruitment Services, Interpretation – Translation and Language Services, Business Consultation Services (Working Visa application and new Company establishment), and other White Collar human resource related services. OSEC - OSSI on the other hand, are very much entrenched in Industrial, Manufacturing, Production and Technical Knowhow on the Blue Collar’s side of the business. The integration of these three Companies into 1 singular Company is aimed to provide a combined and a wider form of services ………………and ultimately, a one- stop HR solutions provider for our corporate Clients.

Based on our many years of experience in Indonesia, we are confident to provide a diversified “under one roof “menu of services and we aspire to become a Trustworthy Human Resource Partner to all our corporate Clients.




Business Support

Business Support




Recruitment Service

from Operator to Executive level (Indonesian or Japanese).

Subcontract Service

Technical and Production Support, especially driven by a “manpower squeeze” in strict compliance with the Standard Manpower Law.

Outsourcing Service

based on the types of job categories

Overseas Internship and Job Service

Training Japanese language, culture, and business manner, to compliment the criteria of “Overseas Internship System”

Business Support

Company Establishment Service

Over the years, we have been extremely successful in offering various companies who desire to have a business presence in Indonesia.

Business License Obtaining Services

Import license, Business license, Business Expansion, Increase in Working Capital, etc.

Working VISA Service

Provide a fast and courteous service and work closely with the Immigration and the Ministry of Labor in order to provide the most accurate advice to our clients.

Payroll Service

Our strength does not only lie in servicing high volume payroll, we ensure that all regulatory needs and filings are taken care of properly.

Company Regulation and Employment Agreement

Our task in assisting companies to draft Company Regulation and Employment Agreement does not stop here, our professional legal team will help companies to mediate industrial disputes.

Psychology Test

Available as an employee selection tool, we aim to promote to place the right staff to the right place.


Interpretation / Translation

Experienced Interpreters for the purpose of courtesy, business, or facility visits, internal/external meetings, conference and etc. Sworn Translator

Japanese Language & Management Center

teaching Japanese manner, Culture and Language at the Educational Facility certificated by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education in Indonesia

Training for preparation before going to Japan

Available to provide Instructor to your company.

Indonesian lessons / English Lessons (for Japanese)

we provide experienced teachers for both private or  group session based on your request , in accordance to your time  and place.

Support for overseas Education

Support for helping candidates to go through the complicated process to enter Universities and Language School in Japan.

Company Outline

Company Name
PT. OS Selnajaya Indonesia (formerly PT. Selnajaya Prima)
October 20th, 1995
President Director SATOSHI MIYAJIMA (Mr.)
Vice President Director L. LINA HALIM (Ms.)
19th Floor MidPlaza 1 Jl.Jend.Sudirman KAV 10-11, Jakarta 10220 Indonesia
Cibitung, Cikarang, Karawang, Bandung, Surabaya
Main Business
Recruitment, Business Support, Education & Language
Total Employees
Consolidated 436 (Japanese: 14) (as of June 1, 2015)
Main Shareholder

Company History

October 1995
PT.Senajaya Prima (Selnajaya) was established in Jakarta, Indonesia
March 2006
Selnajaya established Cikarang Branch
February 2008
Nisso Service Co., Ltd., (Outsourcing Inc. subsidiary from 2010) established a representative office in Jakarta
January 2011
Selnajaya established Karawang Branch
July 2011
PT. OS Engineering & Consultant Indonesia (OSEC) was established in Jakarta
January 2012
JLMC (Japanese Language & Management Center) was established in Bandung
February 2012
PT.OS Service Indonesia (OSSI) was established in Jakarta
March 2012
OSSI established Karawang Branch
May 2012
OSSI established Cibitung Branch
June 2012
OS International as a subsidiary of OUTSOURCING Inc. acquired stocks of Selnajaya
March 2013
OUTSOURCING Inc. was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section
January 2014
Selnajaya established Surabaya Branch
June 2015
PT OS Selnajaya Indonesia was established as a result of the merging of 3 Companies OSEC, OSSI and Selnajaya

Office Address

JAKARTA (Head Office)

Mid Plaza I, 19th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11,Jakarta 10220
Tel. +62-21-572-7214       Fax. +62-21-573-9482


Ruko mall bekasi fajar blok A21, MM 2100 industrial town Cibitung,  Bekasi, Jawa barat 17842
Tel. +62-21-8998-3955


Ruko Menteng Plaza Blok B3 Jl. M. H. Thamrin Lippo Cikarang, 17550
Tel. +62-21-897-2467     Fax. +62-21-899-00040


Sedana Golf Country Club Blok Kintamani Ruko No.29 Teluk Jambe, Karawang,  Jawa Barat, 41361
Tel : +62-267-8458-741

BANDUNG (Japanese Language & Management Center) 

Gedung Pratyaksa Lt.2, Jl.W.R.Supratman No.3, Bandung 40114
Tel : +62-22-7233-185   Fax : +62-22-7234-639


Gedung Spazio Lt. 6-25B Jl. Mayjen Yono Soewoyo Kav. 3, Surabaya 60226    
Tel: +62-31-2100 1270