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Technical Intern Trainee Service

Technical Intern Trainee Service

OS Selnajaya as an authorized agency certified by Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, provides dispatch services of Indonesian technical intern trainees who are qualified according to Japanese Technical Intern Trainee Program. Making use of more than 20 years of experience as a recruitment agency, we give a total support to serious and excellent Indonesian trainees starting from recruitment based on Customer’s needs, pre-training at our own Japanese language school until visa arrangement by our legal department in coordination with our head office/relevant institutes. Therefore, please feel at ease to leave the Indonesian technical intern trainee issues to us.

Outline of dispatch agency

Name of dispatch agency LPK. Lembaga Bahasa dan Manajemen Jepang (JLMC).
Authorized number by Ministry of Manpower & Transmigration: 132/LATTAS/IV/2017
Authorized number of Bandung City Education Bureau: 421.10/1354-DISDIK/2015
Address/Telephone number Gedung Pratyaksa Lt.2, Jl.W.R.Supratman No.3, Bandung, 40114, Indnoesia.
TEL : +62-22-7233185
Representative of JLMC Imron Munfaat
Founded 2012-01-31
Operator PT.OS Selnajaya Indonesia

OS Selnajaya’s strength in dispatch service of technical intern trainees

Customer can save time and energy by our total support by group coordination (from selection/visa acquisition in Indonesian side to life management/support in Japan side)
Able to provide service in accordance with Customer’s needs


  • Want to request only Japanese language training in Indonesia
  • Need life management of trainees after being dispatched by our company
  • Need support in interpretation when starting up the site in Japan
  • Need support in training program or visa arrangement before we dispatch trainees to Japan
Able to organize Japanese language training by our Japanese teachers who have enough experience
Extensive networks of recruitment by making use of over 20 years’ experience as a recruitment agency

OS Selnajaya’s strength in dispatch service of technical intern trainees

  1. People who are alreay studying basic Japanese language at JLMC (Our own and self-operating Japanese language school) and higher level of Japanese language can be expected.
  2. By coordinating with LPK (local Japanese language school in each region of Indonesia), we can collect people who have basic knowledge of Japanese as same as ①.
  3. Making use of over 20 years’ recruitment network of OS Selnajaya, we can collect people who have experience of working at Japanese companies.
  4. By coordinating with department of manpower, we can collect Indonesian people who live in the countryside, young, energetic, friendly, motivated and can get used to with new environment easily.

Dispatch procedure

It takes from 3 to 5 months approximately from selection to assignment in the company.


Selection by Company

Interview result
Training period prior to entering Japan
Practical Japanese training
Training about Japanese Culture
Discipline training
Physical training
approx. 1month
Enter Japan

Post-entry training

Assignment in a company

3 to 5 months from order to assignment in a company

Educational training facility/program

Training program

We will provide an effective training by combining conversation teaching by a Japanese native teacher and grammer/vocabulary teaching by an Indonesian teacher. We will set up a carriculum from short-term to long-term in accordance with the purpose and request.

Example of trainee’s training schedule

Japanese for daily necessities. Able to do shopping, ask direction and speak physical condition.
Able to understand basic Japanese at certain level except humble and honorific terms of Japanese.
N5(JLPT) level
N4(JLPT) level
Japanese Proficiency Test Acknowledgement Standard
  • N1: Able to understand Japanese language spoken in various scenes.
  • N2: In addition to Japanese language spoken in daily scenes, able to understand Japanese in more various scenes.
  • N3: Able to understand Japanese language spoken in daily scenes at certain level.
  • N4: Able to understand basic Japanese language.
  • N5: Able to understand basic Japanese language at certain level.

One day of trainees (sample)

5:30-6:30 Morning exercise, discipline training, physical training Morning exercise, discipline training, physical training
6:30-7:00 Preparation for schooling
7:00-7:45 Breakfast
7:45-7:55 Arrive at a classroom
8:00-10:00 Morning lesson 1 Morning lesson
10:00-10:15 Break
10:15-12:15 Morning lesson 2
12:15-13:15 Lunch break
13:15-15:15 Afternoon lesson 1 Afternoon lesson
15:15-15:30 Break
15:30-17:30 Afternoon lesson 2
17:30-18:30 Break before dinner
18:30-19:30 Dinner
19:30-22:00 Study time(pre-study, homework)
22:00-5:30 Sleep
Education facility


JLMC as a dispatch agency is the education institute which obtained ISO29990 (an international standard on learning services for non-formal education and training) for the first time in Indonesia, and sets up good system to provide high quality and stable education at all times. We have 2 training centers for technical intern trainees in Bandung and Lembang which can accommodate hundreds of people in total for simultaneous trainings.

Training center

Training center

Map of Bandung and Lembang

Map of Bandung and Lembang

Support by Group Coordination

In addition to arrangement of local employment, corporate interview, pre-departure training, travel documents, etc., we coordinate with our parent company that is OUTSOURCING Inc. and our group company which is specialized in life support and a host cooperative to support trainees.
We also give warm support for the trainees’ life management, so Customer can concentrate on technical guidance for trainees that is the original purpose of the program.
We also will help the trainees’ recruitment after their return to Indonesia so that they can focus on the training during in Japan.

Support by Group Coordination

What is Technical intern trainee program?

It is a system to respond to the needs of developing countries that the government expects their people to acquire advanced skills, technology and knowledge from advanced countries in order to nurture those who will play an important role in their country’s economic development, and it is a system to accept young workers of other countries in Japan for a certain period to let them obtain industrial techniques, skills and knowledge which is called “foreign technical intern trainee system”. The main purpose is transferring skills, etc. to technical intern trainees from developing countries and the trainees can make use of those acquired skills, etc. to the development of their countries upon their return home. Through this opportunity, Japan can contribute with its renowned technology to international community.
This system consists of trainees’ acquiring and mastering skills, etc. based on Japanese industry/vocation under the employment relations. The method of accepting trainees is divided roughly into 2 types which are corporate individual type and group supervisory type, and companies can choose either of them according to their condition to accept trainees.
For details, please visit Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO)’s website:http://www.jitco.or.jp/

Group supervisory type

Conduct new recruitment of a person from the relevant country through Japanese supervising organization (cooperative, etc.), and invite him to Japan after completing certain trainings.
During the training in Japan, the intern trainee is bound to a Japanese corporate under the employment agreement, and will be re-employed by another company after returning to his own country.


Group supervisory type

Corporate individual type

Conduct new recruitment of a person who is already working at a local company or employed through the dispatch agency in the relevant country, and invite him to Japan after completing certain trainings. The trainee will be sent to Japan as a seconded transfer.
During the training in Japan, the intern trainee is bound to a Japanese corporate under the employment agreement as same as Group supervisory type, and the seconded transfer agreement will be cancelled after the training in Japan. After returning home, the trainee will be reinstated in the original local company.


Corporate individual type

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