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Recruitment / Outsourcing service

Recruitment / Outsourcing service

From operator to executive class
OS Selnajaya gives a solution of recruitment in Indonesia
OS Selnajaya supports HR services of Japanese Corporates over 20 years in Indonesia by giving adequate advices from Japanese consultants who have abundant experiences and knowledge that we believe is contributing to Indonesian economy development as well as local Japanese Corporates’ growth.

Recruitment conditions in Indonesia

Economic Development and Wage Increase

In Indonesia in recent years, salary levels continue to rise with rapid economic development.
The minimum wage in Indonesia was renewed every year referring to the need for decent living standard (KHL) per month determined by the experts in the past, but since 2016 the inflation rate and actual GDP growth rate have become the basis of calculation and the review of the need for decent living standard (KHL) that used to be revised every year has become to be assessed every 5 years. For this reason, it is said that the minimum wage in Indonesia will continue to rise by 10% every year for the time being.

Jakarta Special Province Minimum wage transition by year

※Based on the data published by Jakarta Special Province, PT. OS Selnajaya Indonesia created the chart

However, considering high economic growth rate and consumer market size of Indonesia that consists of 240 million population, the labor costs of Indonesia compared to its economic growth rate and actual GDP still has strong competitiveness towards neighboring Asian major countries.

Allowances that do not exist in Japan

In Indonesia where it is compulsory for all nation to belong to the religion, allowance of minimum 1 month salary called religious allowance (THR) is obliged to pay. In addition to that, meal allowance, commuter assistance allowance, position allowance or expertise allowance are normally paid as a custom.
Since public transportation has not been developed well in Indonesia, commuter assistance allowance is often substituted by company’s own operated bus to the factory or a private car for manager level above, which such allowances are not very familiar in Japan.

Indonesian who care about career building and position

When Japanese companies look for employees, they often become confused with the difference of the style of working based on educational background or cultural background and career building.
Generally speaking, the concept of general staff (or Management trainee) employment is not familiar in Indonesia as Indonesian workers tend to build their careers by specializing in one specific field.
Furthermore, Indonesians are said to be conscious about the position and hierarchy to prove their career as they relatively have no negative image about job-change.

Recruitment issues

In spite of time and money consumed to train a new employee, they often soon resign and move to another company which arouses a big issue for the company to recruit immediately a substitute who can replace in force as quickly as possible.
Each company is wondering how they can make employees to work in a long-term and how they can substitute an adequate employee as immediately as possible.
It is necessary to consider these aspects in the employment as regionality or lifestyle based on religious beliefs or multiethnic country consisting of 300 races or more, are very different from Japan.

OS Selnajaya’s recruitment

OS Selnajaya’s recruitment

OS Selnajaya has been supporting mainly Japanese corporates under the peculiar labor circumstances in Indonesia for more than 20 years.
Japanese consultants who are well acquainted with Indonesia’s employment condition listen to Customer’s current situation and provide appropriate HR solutions to recruitment, outsourcing, subcontracting, educational training, technical intern training, etc. in accordance with Indonesian labor law.

OS Selnajaya’s Strength

Over 20 years’ experience in Indonesia

We have been supporting Japanese corporates for more than 20 years which is the longest history among recruitment agencies in Indonesia where we have very different culture background, labor and manpower condition compared to other countries.

The biggest number of registrants in Indonesia

We have the biggest number of registrants in Indonesia including office workers and operators.

Aptitude test and language check

We conduct our own aptitude test and language check (English, Japanese, Chinese) which have been developed during our long-time business.

Various job types

We handle various job types such as clerk, secretary, interpreter, HR & administration, finance & accounting, legal, operator, engineer, production, purchasing, quality control, logistic, IT, sales & marketing, director and other specialist as well.

List problem job seekers

We make our own list of candidates who have had a problem in the past. We can select quality candidates owing to our long history.

Various industries

We have a pile of records in introducing candidates to various industries, not only to manufacturing or trading companies but also to public works, transportation, finance, construction, medical and service industries, consultant, representative office and so on.

Motivation to candidates

We explain about the outline of Customer’s company to all candidates and confirm the candidates’ intention before introducing them to Customer. Customer can consider the employment through the minimum procedure.

Various positions

We give total support on Customer’s HR organization such as new employee, permanent employee, contract employee, leader, (assistant) manager, general manager, director and so on.

Post-employment follow up

We support and follow up candidates appropriately even after joining Customer’s company in order for them to work without uneasiness.

Various nationalities

We have a pile of records in introducing not only Indonesians and Japanese but also candidates from other countries. We also can arrange a smooth recruitment plan by coordinating with our own visa team.

Procedures and compensation of recruitment

※Japanese staff who are well acquainted with Indonesian labor and manpower condition will give an advice in each process.
※We conduct language check and simple aptitude test at our company beforehand.
※We can arrange medical checkup or detailed aptitude test by a certified specialist based on a request with additional charge.

OS Selnajaya’s outsourcing

In Indonesia, outsourcing is limited to 5 specific types of subsidiary work that are cleaning, catering, security, driver, mining/petroleum industry under the labor law.
Based on this, OS Selnajaya can arrange outsourcing of those 5 specific types of job
Please feel free to contact our sales staff.

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