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Management support consulting

QAny government agency that deals with the management of foreign labor in Indonesia?
AIncluding the Ministry of Employment and the transmigration, the Directorate General of Immigration, the State police of the Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General of population and civil registration, establishments in the city/local government districts, Provincial Government agencies, and other relevant government agencies.
QDo all position can be occupied by foreign labor?
ANot all, but that can be occupied can be known from the decision of the Minister of Manpower and transmigration set appointments that can be occupied in their respective categories.
QHow much investment value in order for foreign capital investment?
AAbove Rp. excluding land and buildings, places of business, based on law No. 20 in 2008 about the micro, small, and medium enterprises. In practice, the minimum investment was Rp. to every field of endeavor. This figure applies multiples in accordance with the number of businesses (KBLI) desired investment.
QAny government agency that deals with the establishment of a foreign capital investment companies in Indonesia?
AIncluding the BKPM, the Ministry of Justice and human rights, Directorate General of taxes, the Directorate General of customs and Excise, the Ministry of Commerce, government agencies in the city/district, and other relevant agencies in accordance with its business fields
QHow do I know the scope of work that can be done in terms of foreign investment?
ABy reference and ensure the provision of the presidential Regulation No. 39 2014 about list of closed Businesses and Businesses that are open to the requirements in the field of capital investment, so as to know the businesses closed, open, or with the terms open unconditionally if not listed in the regulation of the…

Education/Language services

QDoes the instructor speak Japanese?
AOur instructors are graduates of the Faculty of language of Japan with the Japan language proficiency JLPT Level 3 and Level 2.
QHow long is the experience of the instructor (teacher) language?
AThe instructor already has experience ranging from 3 to 10 years of teaching experience.
QHow long does it generally take one course and can be considered proficient speaking English or Bahasa Indonesia?
ADepending on the diligence of the students in the use of Bahasa Indonesia in daily life. In General, 6-12 months is the standard time to follow Bahasa Indonesia course.
QWe will hold a symposium and workshop. What kind of interpreter should be used?
AIn General, the activities of the symposium or seminar is an interpretation service type of "whispering" or "simultaneous". Whispering is interpreting in which interpreter translate the utterances of the speaker at the same time with the sound down. Simultaneous interpreting is where the interpreters directly translate the utterances of the speaker in the same time by using the system tool receiver. This receiver equipment rental is not included in the cost of services of the Interpreter
QIf we want to do a briefing with the interpreter before the event, whether the interpretation will be charged?
AWe will charge a fee, when the briefing was done on the day before the event interpretation, with a maximum duration of two hours. We will not charge if it is done on the same day as the event interpretation. However, the calculation of working time will be counted since the briefing starts until the day of the event after the interpretation are completed.
QWhat is a travel days?
ATravel days means interpreters who travel the day before and the day after the Interpretation Job. During traveling there is no Interpretation work.
QWhat is the interpretation outside Jakarta?
AInterpretation outside Jakarta means the place of interpretation service are outside Jakarta & Suburbs , such as Bandung, Surabaya, Kalimantan, etc.
QIf Selnajaya could provide a translation services in a short time
AYes, we can. We will charge you "express fee" for the translation work.
QHow long does it take to do the translation job ?
ADuration of Translation work depend on the number of pages in the original documents. Usually we ask in advance to our translator how long it can be done.
QWhat is a Sworn Translation?
ASworn translation is translation written done by a translator which has the legalization of accuracy translate by the governor and listed at the embassy.Services sworn translator generally used for a document relating to the administration of foreign embassies, agreement legal, an official document government, and others.A language that can be translated by sworn translator is of languages derived from a foreign language to in indonesian language or in indonesian language into a foreign language
QDoes OS Selnajaya provides information about schools in Japan?
AYes, we do. We provide information and consultation about Universities and Japanese Language Schools for Indonesian students who will continue to school in Japan, starting from the undergraduate degree, master degree even for Japanese Language School.
QHow about the process that I ought go to through the OS Selnajaya when Ive decided one school in Japan?
AApplicant student directly contact PIC Education, and we will immidiately help from registrasion untill visa arrangement.
QWhat is Japanese Course?
AJapanese Course is the Japanese language training were devoted to employees , with classes ranging from the most basic level ( not never learn Japanese before), up to the highest level or equivalent with JLPT N1 . Hours of study, the number of meetings and learning targets that can be tailored to the needs of employees . We also added material that is Japanese Business Manner is delivered directly by a native speaker
QWhether through this Japanese Course, could I be able to get special training for JLPT test?
AYes, can. We can organize special classes to prepare for the JLPT . This class can be either private or group with a construction period of at least 2 months prior to the JLPT
QWhat is JLMC?
AJLMC (Japanese Language Management Centre) is an educational institution founded by OS Group in 2011 which is located in Bandung . In addition to learning the Japanese language , JLMC provide the basis for work in the Japanese company . Supported by experts who have over 15 years experience in the field of Japanese language education in Indonesia. In 2010 JLMC has gained ISO29990 certification course institutions namely : 2010 Certification Scheme for Learning Services - Japan .
QHow long will it take to be able to speak basic daily conversation?
AThe average duration required to be able to communicate Japanese for basic level is over 100 ~ 150 hours . We provide several programs designed as effectively as possible to the time the program between 1 to 6 months to achieve the target of it.

HR services

QIs there's guarantee/replacement if the hired candidate resign or not perform?
AYes, we will replace the candidate within three months guarantee.
QHow is the process of recruiting done and is there any test given to candidate?
AYes, OS Selnajaya's consultant will invite candidates according to the qualification needed. We will give the candidate skill, personality and language test then we conduct the interview to make sure their qualified for the possition.
QHow long does the process of CV to send?
ACV delivery between 3-5 days from the date of the request received based on client's requirements. If the requirements are very specific and our difficult to find to match the candidate we will inform the client it will takes more time.
QWhere and how do you find the candidates?
ASelnajaya has its own data base of job fair exhibitions, selnajaya also worked with several colleges to recruit competent fresh graduate or experienced candidates, selnajaya also collaborates with some of the job seekers access via internet, selnajaya also has web access where candidates can apply for online, and selnajaya is also opening walk-in interview so that applicants can take a test and interview directly.
QWhat kind of positions does the client used search from OS Selnajaya's recruitment service?
ASelnajaya recruiting staff level, production management level and executive search, are from different roles and industries.
QHow do I use the Selnajaya recruitment services?
ABy signing the contract then the process will begin. After the contract is signed the client has to fill out inquiry form to describe what type of candidate they need then we will start to find the match candidates.
QAre there any charges for the recruitment service?
AThere's no charge for the candidates they just have to register.


QHow long does the application process until the client response back after CV sent
AWe could not determine how long the process will be. If your qualifications match the inquiries, we will inform you as soon as possible. If we have not contact you yet it doesn't mean youre not been selected for the job we will contact you again for the nextjob opportunity that fits your qualifications.
QCan I apply to more than one vacancy?
AYes you can apply more than one company as long as it complies with the qualifications.
QWhether Selnajaya could help me find a job and how do I apply for a job through the Selnajaya?
AYou can submit CV application form with supporting documents (ex: ID CARD copy and copy of diplomas, photos, a letter job reference) 
QHow long is the recruitment process until you join with Clients Company?
AThe average time will takes 7 days after you finished the test until you are hired.
QWhat positions offer by Selnajaya Recruitment and where the location?
AThe position offered by selnajaya is from operator level, until top management level. OS Selna's clients are come from many places and we have brances to in some areas as Jakarta, Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang, even Purwakarta.
QWhich type of industries does the OS Selna's clients come from?
AAutomotive and manufacturing industry is the most dominating, furthermore there are also chemical, construction, developer, an FMCG, labels, steel, metal and property.
QWhat makes Selnajaya different from other similar companies?
AWe work on client needs that come from automotive and manufacturing line.
QWhere and how does OS Selna get the information and recruite candidates?
AWe currently have over thirty-two thousand profile in our database obtainable through a walk in interview that we conducted in the offices of Selnajaya every Saturday and also from professional sites like Linkedin, Jobstreet, JobsDB and Craigslist.org and also our good networking with candidates that we are in the process of referral. And we also work with some universities and school.
QHow soon before should start process of working visa?
ANeeded application date is different for the period of working visa, usually if we receive order 3 months before arrival we can process visa to meet your request. Regarding detailed application terms and needed days, please ask our visa division.
QWhile application of visa, in case needs to visit relating orginazation can we receive support in Japanese or English?
AIn case there are any process which clients needs to visit related organizations, our Japanese speaker or English speaker can help to process visa.
QWhat kinds of process do your company has for emargency case?
AWe can give advice to take working permit for 1 month or emergency enter service which can allow client's schedule.
QDo your company has escort service at airport of Jakarta ?
AYes, we have. Our Japanese staff, Japanese speaker or English speaker will support entry of clients and escort cleints from overseas countries at airport.
QDo your company can process visa for overseas countries like visa for Japan?
AWe can support application of business visa for other countries. We have experience of application of visa for Japan, Europe, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, Thailand and so on. Please ask us about detailed information.

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